Where we've come from

Where We’ve Come From

FPC is privileged to have a history of truly remarkable leaders. Though there are some stops and starts in the history of the congregation that included such anointed men and women as Grace Holt, Forrest Self, and Cullen Haymon, the first long-term pastor of the congregation was the illustrious C. G. Weeks. At the time he became pastor in Baton Rouge, he was a well-known preacher with Louisiana roots who was actually pastoring in Bloomington, Indiana. “In just a few months’ time the church membership had risen to seventeen.”

Brother Weeks served as pastor until July 23, 1953 when he resigned in order to assume full-time duties as Louisiana’s District Superintendent. During the next eight years, George Glass, Sr. then Hulon Myre served as our Pastor. In January of 1961, Calvin Rigdon was elected pastor, serving for almost ten years. In 1972, *Curtis Young was elected Pastor and served until January of 2002. That summer, we voted and elected Dan Davis, who has been our Pastor since then, and we hope for many years to come.

Our past has prepared us to be effective in today’s world. Our church has been built on a solid spiritual and scriptural foundation, as well as decades of experience reaching out to our community to be of service in any way we can. We love God; we love people – it’s who we were in 1939 when this church was established and who we are today.

*Curtis Young, the only living previous pastor, has been designated as Pastor Emeritus. He and his family continue to love and support us in ministry and prayer.