Bible Quizzing

Ages 5-18

“No other program sponsored by the United Pentecostal Church can claim a higher percentage of participants who remain faithful to God and the Church than can Bible quizzing. Statistics reveal that, of those who spend at least five consecutive years in a quizzing program, 95 – 97% never leave the church, and 70% of the small minority who do leave eventually return.”

FPC Baton Rouge participates with the United Pentecostal Church International’s Bible Quiz Ministry, for Junior (Ages 5-11) and Senior (Ages 12-18) Bible Quizzers. Quizzing offers much more than just competition and sport. The program involves falling deeply in love with the Word of God. By becoming involved in memorization, young people develop a love and respect for the Bible. The Word is planted in their hearts and dynamically changes their lives.